Monday, August 29, 2005

Saint Tommy Bowden Speaks


Well, talk about Mr.Perfect. Tommy Bowden throws Georgia Tech into the same category as UGAg, Tennessee, S.Carolina and FSU.

In a scouting report of Clemson this summer in The Sporting News, an anonymous ACC coach questioned Bowden’s management style.

“Tommy is one of the better motivators in the game, but I’m not so sure he’s as capable managing the team,” the coach wrote. “I’m not so sure there’s that needed fear/respect factor.”

Bowden said he does not put much weight into that opinion, partly because the coach was anonymous and partly because of Clemson’s disciplinary measures under Bowden.

“If you look at any program in the Southeast, I bet you ... we’ve had less (disciplinary problems) than any school in the South,” Bowden said. “I’m talking about Georgia, Georgia Tech, Florida State, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina.

“To me, you don’t have disciplinary problems when they’re afraid of their head coach. To me, the statistics would go completely opposite of what that statement said. That’s why I don’t give it much weight. Kids misbehave when they don’t have any fear. It’s just like raising kids. Ask our players if they don’t have fear.”

So Tommy coaches from the George O'Leary school - put the fear of God in them. Maybe it's just me - but I don't see it. He doesn't seem like that type of guy.....