Friday, May 06, 2005

The World of Blogs

Well, the world of Blogs is a very active one, and I thought I might give you a flavor of some comments from Bloggers on the Jarrett Jack announcement........ Over at the BuzzBlog, nothing but props for Jack, with a proper salute..... From the ACCBasketBlog, this on Buck Fredrick........ Here´s a mock draft over at the coffeejerk, with Jack at #18......... comments on Jack........ This is not about Jack, but Ken Pomeroy, the guru statistian for NCAA hoops, has posted a VERY interesting analysis going back decades, looking at the 3pt shot, the impact of the shot clock and more. Worth a look.... DaveSez also has an interesting look at all ACC players who left after their 1st or 2nd season, and he attempts to rank them. He´s got Kenny Anderson and Stephon Marbury in his top 4.... Here´s the NBADraftGuru, who has Jack at #14......... Here´s a Laker´s blog,

This is also considered a deep draft for point guards. The Lakers will not get Chris Paul from Wake Forest without a lottery miracle, however someone like Raymond Felton from North Carolina or Deron Williams from Illinois could be around. If you want a someone who comes defensive-ready, there’s Georgia Tech’s Jarrett Jack (but not at #10, that’s too high for him).

Here´s one bloggers look at Jack heading to Toronto..... All kinds of speculation about the impact of Jack and Bosh´s friendship should Jack turnout to be a bust......... Here´s some general love for GT sports from a student....

The blogging world is alive.