Friday, May 06, 2005

Hoops: More on Zam Fredrick

Here's an article from a SC paper, indicating that Zam Fredrick will make his final decision this weekend on transferring or not. He also claims that Jack's decision has nothing to do with his, which I can't believe (although if I were him, I would say the same thing). It also sounds like Buck is as conflicted as Jack on his decision.

"There are some days I'll think about it one way and other days I'll think about it another way," he said. "I've got to make my next move be my best move."

However, one thing remains constant - daddy's desires:

"I was disappointed he didn't go to USC (originally)," Fredrick Sr. said. "I always envisioned him in the garnet and black."

Well senior, at least we know what you want, since that certainly is most important in this situation. Because heaven-for-bid Buck should disappoint you and not live your dream..........

And to Tech fans - I would love nothing more than to see Buck return. He's a winner and a competitor. I just want to see his heart 100% as a Yellow Jacket, and it's not right now. But don't judge or begrudge what he's going through, particular with an overbearing parent.