Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Hoops: Coach Hewitt Clinics

Well, Coach Hewitt is doing some networking in the New York area. He will holding a coaching clinic May 13-14.....

Western New York basketball coaches - of all levels, for boys or girls - have a great opportunity next weekend to learn about their craft while showing the rest of the state it loves its basketball.

A Basketball Coaches of New York spring clinic held at Williamsville South May 13 and 14 will include seminars by Georgia Tech head coach Paul Hewitt and renowned high school coach Bob Hurley of Jersey City, N.J., power St. Anthony's. This caliber of presentation can be an annual event in Western New York, especially if local coaches support it.

The cost is $60 for high school coaches, with additional assistants at $30. Call Hamburg coach Pat Cauley at 912-4168.

All I can say is that this is a great way to get closer to the coaching network in NYC, where of course Coach Hewitt has roots. I would fully expect Tech to go back to the NYC well and pull a talented player or two in the next few years. I bet Coach Hewitt could build a nice pipleline there.......