Monday, May 02, 2005

Football - Scheduling that 12th game

Well, Dave Braine has said we will use the 12th football game for a home game for sure, and most likely a Div I-AA opponent, since you will get to count 1 I-AA game per year for bowl eligibility. Having said that, we saw recent comments where Steve Spurrier said he wouldn't mind matching up S.Carolina and GT....... Now this discussion of a possible renewal of the GT / Alabama rivalry......

Ever since the 12th game possibility was announced, there has been speculation about possible opponents, including renewing the series with former SEC member (now ACC member) Georgia Tech. Army has been rumored as a possibility. Both Tech and Army have small stadiums, but are close to big ones–Giants Stadium in the case of Army and the Georgiadome in the case of Tech.

Hey, speaking of Spurrier, anyone know if this is really true????

Georgia Tech vs. South Carolina. Legend has it Steve Spurrier once vowed never to lose to the Yellow Jackets. In three years as Duke's coach (1987-89) Spurrier's teams went 3-0 vs. the Jackets and outscored them 109-54.

South Carolina and Georgia Tech haven't played since 1991. Now here's a game the visor man might really enjoy.