Thursday, February 05, 2004

What scandal should we talk about this week?

How about Bobby Knight cussing out the Texas Tech chancellor after a compliment from him?

How about St.John's, who could have hoops players facing rape charges. Three players have been suspended. Who wants to go coach there now?

How about Willie Williams, one of the top defensive prospects in the nation, who signed with Miami, now facing criminal charges that he fondled a girl, punched out a male student and set-off a fire extinguisher in a dorm room............. all in the same weekend on his official visit to Univ. Florida a couple of weeks ago.

How about Jameson Curry, the new all-time leading high school scorer in North Carolina state history who has a scholarship to play basketball at UNC, who is a top 50 player in the nation, who just got busted for selling and distributing drugs.

How about fomer NBA player Jason Williams, in court dealing with murder charges.

No, I do not want to talk about the "costume malfunction" either.