Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Recruiting Update - 2 majors left on the board

We have signed 22 players. We can sign 26 total (counting Taylor Bennet since he will count against last year, although his name is not one of the 22 listed).

Two major players left on the board:
- Darrell Robertson (down to FSU / GT) - looks like he will sign with GT at 1:30
- Brandon Miller (down to FSU/UGAg/GT) - will announce at 5:30pm (longshot)

One player who HAD verballed to GT and has not sent in his letter is Jarrell Johnson, who is a WR,Kick Returner, DB from Missouri. Don't know the deal here.

Aside from those guys it is unclear if Chan will sign any other players if there are spots. He has said all along they plan on signing the full 25. Never know if someone comes out of the wordwork. I'll keep you posted.