Tuesday, February 03, 2004

I can't even watch the rest of the game........

I'll have to preface this by saying I'm not in a good mood today anyway. Sorry, but with 4 minutes to go, I'm just not in the mood to watch FSU embarrass us any longer. We look like a high school team in the 2nd half. I have not seen a team that has NO ability to actually work the ball to someone (ANYONE) inside the 3pt arc in the halfcourt offense. We have played the worst half of basketball of the year.

FSU is out-hustling, out-playing, out-everything. You name it. We cannot pass, cannot dribble, cannot drive, cannot defend, cannot shoot - did I miss anything? Maybe I'm being a little hard, but that's the way I feel watching this game. Tim Pickett is LIGHTING us up. The basket must look like the ocean to that kid right now.

I was really thinking that this could be our signature game. This is the game that could separate GT from the middle tier of ACC teams. We are 4-3 ACC and FSU 3-4. This would put us squarely in position for a run in the 2nd half of the ACC season. But clearly we are not ready to separate ourselves from the pack. We are one of MANY teams that are competing for the middle of the pack. We know noone seems ready to challenge DOOK. Fine, but we don't want to stake our claim on #2 either.

At the end of the day, it will go down as just another ACC road loss. We will have to steal one from somebody else and we'll have to hold homecourt. I just HATE the WAY we lost. We CANNOT hold homecourt playing like this. We CANNOT beat Clemson at LittleJohn the way we played them last time. We CANNOT EVER beat Dook if we don't hit shots at the end of the game.

Time to regroup, suck it up and find our half-court game.