Monday, February 23, 2004

Daily Swarm

Evidently there were some sub-plots during last night's WF game. For instance, if you watched the 1st WF/GT game, you saw 80 different camera takes of Eric Williams mother in a pimpaliscious yellow hat and get-up. Well, she was at the GT game, and evidently Buzz took her hat and ran off with it. Read this thread for some serious discussion about the merits of screwing around with opposing player's mothers............ Here's a look at the ACC.............. Here's a very good article about early NBA entrants, with a particular focus on Chris Bosh. A lot of good points............... On the recruiting trail, Randolph Morris scored 29 points as his Landmark team won 77-60 in a playoff game against Lakeview............ For those of you wanting the Isma'il clip of his dunk versus Maryland, click here and look at the video links.

This is a serious deal and I would ask for your thoughts and prayers for the family involved. This family used to go to the same church I attend in Greenville SC, before they moved to Denver. You can read details here, but basically the wife was murdered and their 6-year old girl is missing and presumed dead. The husband has been charged with murder and has maintained his innocence all along. There are two personal links - one is that my church has been affected tremendously and less importantly, the husband did in fact attend Georgia Tech before going into the Navy. Sorry for the downer.