Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Daily Swarm

Has Bobby Cremins finally found his 2nd career? Is he back on the sidelines for good? For the 1st time in 3 years, Cremins will step back on the sidelines to coach the Stingray Camp 101 all-stars against the Harlem Rockets. The Rockets are basically a Globetrotter type team that travels the country. They are 1600-0 in 11 seasons so obviously a win would be a shocker. Obviously winning is not the goal, as the exhibition is to benefit the youth. Good to see Mr.Cremins still having fun and staying involved.................. OK, UGA just beat former #1 Florida. So that means they have beaten UK twice, GT and Florida, while losing by more than 20 to Winthrop, SC, Tenn and Vandy. Whatever. That team obviously has a problem that should never happen with so many seniors - motivation............... Here is more discussion of the St.John's coaching job with slight mention of Paul Hewitt............. Here is mention of Maryland's chances of getting into the dance with quotes from Paul Hewitt. As of today, I don't see how you could leave them out............. Here's a look at all the ACC teams and the chances of getting 7 teams in the dance.............. So how is Chris Bosh doing at the half-way point in the season? He is averaging 11 points, 7.4 boards, 1.53 blocks, 1 assist, 0.64 steals, shooting 46.2% and 37.5% from 3pt range. A very solid start to his NBA career. He has gotten banged up a bit with shoulder injuries and a knee injury that kept him out a few games. Welcome to the NBA. In his last game before the break he only had 9 points, but had 6 blocks. One area he has been strong is offensive rebounding, where he ranks #19 in the NBA at 2.8 / game. He has already played more games with the Raptors than he did his entire career at GT. Ah, the life of a superstar................ Stephon Marbury seems to have gelled with his new team. His last four games he scored 28,29,24,42 and averaged about 10 assists. Stephon is #2 in the NBA is assists/game, #2 in total assists, #7 in points, #10 in steals/game, #8 in total steals, and in the top in other stat. categories as well.

The Georgia Force Arena leagure football team will honor the GT Football program during halftime of their Feb 22 match-up....... Some of the names in attendence will include - "Taz Anderson (1961 NFL Rookie of the Year wit the St. Louis Cardinals), James Arnett, Ray Beck (All-America), Don Bessilliei, James Breland (All-America), George Broadnax, Chris Brown, John Davis, Charles Floyd, Greg Gathers, George Godsey, Joe Harris, Leon Hardeman (All-America), Andrew Hill, Eddie Lee Ivery (All-America and set the all-time Tech regular season game record for rushing), Robert Lavette, Jerry May, Eddie McShann, Wade Mitchell (All-America), George Morris (All-America), Larry Morris (All-America and Most Valuable Player in the NFL Championship Game for the Chicago Bears in 1963), Jeremy Muyres, Jon Muyres, Craig Page, Kelley Rhino, Randy Rhino, Nick Rogers, Phillip Rogers, Lucius Sanford (All-America), Doug Sims, Lenny Snow (All-America), James Stevens, Ryan Stewart, Ken Swilling, Ben Utt, Carl Vereen and Jack Williams."

Looks like with A-Rod going to the Yanks that the BoSox are trying to lock up Nomar to a long-term deal.............