Tuesday, February 17, 2004

A Daily Dose

So how good is NCST (story here). In my opinion, they are very good - just look at win/loss record. They have gotten it done on the road better than anyone but Dook. They deserve any recognition they get. Check out this article - the fan unrest is getting higher over there, with the feelings of not getting proper respect. Be careful NCST what you ask for. Remember as GT fans know all too well - it is how you perform in March that matters. You are playing the best ball in the ACC (better than Dook). Don't peak too early........ The ACC isn't the only conference making noise about sending sub-.500 conference teams to the dance - the SEC is getting into the act............... Here's more on the ACC and the final month of the season....... Here is an interesting story about cussing and hoops. Interesting story there about Mark Price calling a team meeting and saying that he could not play under those circumstances with foul language and practice on Sunday. Talk about cahoonas as a college kid. Very impressive................. The Google search for GT resulted in this story about gay-bashing, in particular against everyone's favorite player JJ Reddick. Evidently NCST guard Scooter Sherrill has accussed Reddick of being gay by the way he holds his hand in the air after he hits a 3pt shot. Ok. Notice the mention of BJ Elder getting into this head during the GT game. Not sure if there was something deeper said during that exchange that we don't know about................ Here's a story talking about Marvin Lewis's plans after the season. Looks like he might give the pro's a shot overseas.......... Chris Paul just won ACC ROWeek for the 5th time this season. Know who holds the all-time record for # weeks having won the award? Try Kenny Anderson, who won it 10 times his freshman year. The next closest is Sam Perkins at 6 times.................. Read the latest Lunch Bunch report over at the Hive where the guest speaker was Jon Babul.

Interesting story on the 40-yard dash times and their importance to scouts - notice the mention of JP Foschi............ Some minor fall-out from the Big East conference shake-up - the San Francisco Bowl has walked away from the Big East and tied in with the PAC-10............... Can things possibly get worse for Colorado football? They just did. Read this story and watch anyone associated with CU run for cover like cockroaches when the light is turned on..