Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Prediction time


#1. Paul Hewitt changes the starting line-up again. Last time we came out flat a few games in a row, he changed the line-up and we started strong. My gut says he does it again

#2. GT does NOT give up 21 offensive rebounds. We will outrebound NCST

#3. Hodge will FINALLY have a decent game against GT. Not great but will probably end with about 15 points

#4. GT wins (I hardly ever predict a loss) with a final score of 77-70.

By the way, to warm us up, ESPN Classic is showing the following:

1pm - 2:30pm, 1987 GaTech @ NCSU = we lose 63-62
3pm - 5pm, 1988 NCSU @ GaTech = we lose 76-74
5pm - 7pm, 1990 GaTech @ NCSU = we win in 2OT 95-92