Sunday, February 22, 2004

Jackets lose a heartbreaker to WF

Well, what can you say. It was an emotional game, but you just cannot get so far behind in your own house. The Jackets fought valiantly from a 13 pt half-time deficit (was as large as 17 points) and tied the game, but couldn't take it to the next level. Jackets lose 80-76. Funny, below I predicted a final score of 80-75 but with the Jackets on the winning end. But also notice I smelled an upset. My heart has sunk deep into my stomach with this game.

You know, if the Jackets had only played even just a little better in the 1st half, what could have been - just terrible basketball. Elder scores 1 point in the 1st half. But they played with heart and fire and passion in the 2nd half. Elder and Jack try to put the team on their shoulders and almost get it done. Elder scores 25 in the 2nd half. Just wasn't enough to overcome such a poor showing in the 1st half.

Well, we have only lost 2 games this year at home - to Dook and WF. Last year we lost 2 games at home - to Dook and WF. HHHhhhhhmmmm. Know what really sucks about this game? This is the 2nd time in a little over a week that we held a guy to ZERO points until he hits a shot at the end to win the game. Billet knocks down that stupid 3 pointer and now Paul hits a shot in the lane to seal it tonight. If you look at a replay of this game, there is one reason we lost - WF hit shots. They fricken hit shots. One interesting thing about GT. Usually every game, Hewitt focuses on 1-2 guys to shutdown. We have been very successful at doing that, but it hasn't always made a difference. We shut down Billet, and lose. We shut down Hodge and lose. We shut down Reddick and lose. Good teams have other players step up.

Well, lets use that 24 hour rule and get past this one. Because now we have to defend our turf against NC ST. Nothing comes easy. GO JACKETS!!!