Saturday, February 28, 2004

Daily Swarm

Well, I'm headed to the Clemson game in a about an hour. Of course I HAVE to pick a victory for the Jackets - somewhere in the neighborhood of 78-70, but like many fans, I'm worried about the game. I have been to every game at Clemson the last number of years and we don't traditionally play very well at LittleJohn. Last year, we let Will Solomen take over at the end of a close one. Hope we can pull away at the end this time ourselves. It is also senior day, which just adds to my worry (story here). It looks like Hewitt will change the line-up today. I predicted he would do it LAST game, but unfortunately he is one game too late. If only he would listen...... Well, it was a rough day for Jeremis Smith - his Dunbar team was shocked in the playoffs and their season is over. (story here). Smith scored 32 points & 6 boards, including all 5 of his team's points in OT, but it wasn't enough............. Better news for Anthony Morrow, who's CL team won their playoff game. Morrow led the team with 14 points as they now head to the finals................ Looks like Buck Fredrick's "snub" for the SC all-star game has created a bit of a dispute............. So is it inexusable for a player to leave a college program in the middle of a season? Yes, it my book - and Dave Odom's (story here).......... Meanwhile, Pete Gillen is holding on to his job by a thread (story here)........ Well, FSU will be looking on our game as critical for their NCAA hopes, so we better be ready for THAT game (of course, who should we NOT be ready for?)............ Here are Oliver Purnell's comments about GT........... Wow, you want to talk about cutting to the heart. Check out Emeka Okafor's comments about recruiting and the schools that got interested in him late (including GT) - "Okafor had interest in Stanford, Georgia Tech and North Carolina, among others, but they weren't as interested in him until he had signed with UConn. "The only reason I got much attention," he said last month with disarming introspection, "is because so many high-profile guys signed early. I was an after-Christmas sale." No doubt Hewitt chose to take to first guy who would ink his name (Southall), but he still petitioned the NCAA to waive the 5/8 rule so he could sign Okafor.......... HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!!! This Paul Hewitt thing WILL NOT END!!!!! Look at the latest NY Post article listing Hewitt as the leading candidate for the St.John's job - basically saying it was his job to turn down. Hewitt will not be contacted by St.John's until the season is over, so we'll just have to be patient............... Here's more on Dion Glover getting waived by the Hawks, as he looks to latch on with a playoff team......

Well, Nat Dorsey did not impress people at the combines. Check out this comment - "Nat Dorsey OT Georgia Tech – he was in awful physical shape and really turned off the scouts. His overall poor performance could knock him completely off most NFL teams draft boards." OUCH!! Well, if he didn't sign with an agent and doesn't get drafted, does that mean he can come back? Not sure - maybe one of our viewers knows the answer.......... Comments on recruiting and parties from our new guy David Brown (about ND, not GT)...........

Well, the team was upset on Friday against USC, bringing their record to 6-1...........

Michael Clark II is competing well at the Chrysler Classic in Tuscon.