Thursday, February 26, 2004

Daily Swarm

Interesting story on Bobby Knight and his difficulties. Interesting, Knight himself once said that his antics would only work if he was winning. Once he started losing, he would no longer be "essentric", just a freak. Personally I think he has always been a freak......... Looks like Hewitt is voting for Sendek as ACC COY. I have to say I agree, hands down............. Well, Dion Glover and the Atlanta Hawks have parted company. (story here). He was having his best year and it will be interesting to see where he shows up........... On the recruiting trail, this article talks about the danger of all the potential early entrants into the NBA draft. The college class is believed to be weak this year (compared to last year), so scouts are whispering in the ears of high school recruits that this is a good year to go early. Morris gets mention in the article (and they even say he is believed to be a GT lean!!)............ Here's a story on NC high school players putting up big scoring numbers, including our guy A.Morrow, who scored 37 a couple of weeks ago on 7-8 from 3pt range............ Buck Fredrick's Calhoun hs team won in the playoffs again, beating Emerald in the class 2A semi-finals. Buck had an off-night from the outside, but adjusted his game by driving to the hoop. He finished with 36 points............... Here's another story on depth at the college level, with a focus on AZ, with mention of Bynum. It talks about players leaving in the MIDDLE of the college season to go play in Europe which has now happened again............. Looks like Luke Schenscher has taken 1st team spot on Grant Wahl's "All Hobbitt" team (see bottom here). The "Aussie Fro" comes through in the clutch............ During today's call-in show, evidently Coach Hewitt said they are close to signing a deal to bring in Kansas to AMC in the 2006 season. That would be great, as I think some fans were a little disappointed at the weak HOME non-conference schedule.

The Washington Wild Things have signed former GT player Wes Rynders. From the article - "Outfielder Wes Rynders, a native of Marietta, GA, is a 2002 graduate of Georgia Tech. During his senior year, Rynders led the 8th ranked Yellow Jackets with a .375 batting average. In addition, Rynders turned in his second errorless season of his collegiate career while patrolling center field and was Georgia Tech's lone All-ACC Tournament selection after going 7-for-11 in four games. He went on to hit an opposite field home run in the opening game of College World Series on June 14, 2002 against South Carolina.".................. Did you know that 9 of the 11 players that are freshman on the beesball team were in the top 115 from Baseball America. Danny Hall sure is recruiting strong. Now we just need to take that talent and move to the next level, winning the big show..........

Evidently Mel Kiper has said that Daryl Smith is the #1 rated middle linerbacker prospect in the draft and will probably go in the 2nd round. Nice to see (thanks to "NoMatterWhat" at the Hive for the tip).............. In this article about recruiting tactics, UGAg and GT get called out for excessive expenses (GT on a $1000+ dinner bill for recruits). Hey the NCAA is the most hypocritical organization on Earth. Change will take YEARS, if it actually even happens. But lets not put spending money on an expensive dinner in the same category as sex parties..............

For racing fans, GT just announced a partnership with SilverStone Racing (story here). Evidently the owner happens to be a GT grad and the deal involves GT Motorsports and even the Dupree College of Management. Now that sounds a heckuva a lot more fun than I had dealing with how heat exchangers work.

The golf team finished tied for 8th in Puerto Rico at the PR Classic. The finish was #1 Florida, then Clemson, Oklahoma, UGAg, OkSt, NCST, UVA, GT/Minn, E.TennSt, VaTech, Purdue, Kent St, NW, Dook, Ill, Mich.