Monday, February 16, 2004

A Daily Dose

Here is a nice story about Brad Brezina's parents, who have been through a lot in their lifetime. Brad's fathers was an NFL linebacker with the Falcons and an alcoholic. They have changed their lives, and co-founded Christian Families Today. In case you didn't know, Brezina will be moved to the offensive line for 2004................. This mock draft has Daryl Smith projected as the #32 pick by the World Champion New England Patriots. Quote - "Smith is a smart player who can shut down the run. He will cut his teeth on special teams as a rookie and provide excellent depth for the defending Superbowl Champions".

Here is USAToday's look at the NCAA tourney............... Well, someone in the ACC finally beat Dook, and it was 2nd place NCST. No doubt those two teams are the class of the ACC right now. Nobody else wants to step up and separate themselves................... Looks like Ra'Sean Dickey was selected for the SC state all-star squad, but Zam "Buck" Fredrick was not. Why - the selection group said he was never nominated - wooops. No comment from his head coach (and father)......... Want to read a great debate comparing BJ Elder and Dennis Scott - check it out.

Check out the bio on Wes Hodges, the frosh who hit a grandslam and the game winning hit in the 10th during our double header sweep of GaSouthern. From his bio - "...Hit .430 with one home run and 20 RBI as a senior in leading Baylor to the Tennessee state championship … Broke a bone in his left hand prior to his senior season and was forced to bat left handed for the first time in his career..." Wow - broke a bone in his hand...... had to switch to lefty at the plate for the 1st time ever....... hits .430. Nice. Very nice.