Thursday, February 12, 2004

Poll Results - Greatest Center in GT history

Well, I knew I let the voting go on too long. Obviously someone has been stuffing the ballot boxes for Luke lately. Here is how the voting finished:

Question: "Who was the best CENTER in GT history"

43.2%.....Jim Caldwell
41.1%.....Luke Schenscher
5.6%.......Rich Yunkus
4.5%.......John Salley
2.6%.......Alvin Jones
1.5%.......Yvon Joseph
1.0%.......Chris Bosh
0.4%.......Malcolm Mackey
0.2%.......Matt Geiger
(1870 votes cast)

At the end of the day, Jim Caldwell is a great choice for #1. He holds the single season rebounding record with 364, as well as the highest rebounding average in a season (14 per game (1963-64). His career per game average was 12.9 (highest in GT history), although the all-time rebound total belongs to Mackey at 1205. Caldwell is 27th on the all-time scoring list at GT.

While Luke is very popular he is not yet in the top centers in GT history imo. However, if he continues his progression, he could certainly move up that list. Other guys like Yunkus and Joseph are great choices. Not having seen them play either makes it difficult for a personal assesment - would have to rely on our oldtimers for that.

The new poll is now up - the question is how we will end up in the ACC race. Vote now.