Wednesday, February 04, 2004

UNC Hoops recruit makes a big boo-boo

Check this out. Not good news for Roy Williams. To give you some perspective. JamesOn Curry set the ALL-TIME North Carolina scoring mark this year, a record that has held since 1959. Has scored over 3000 points in his career. He recently scored 65 points in a game. He is ranked by most of the recruiting services as 40-60th best player in the nation.

Not good for Ol' Roy. Now let us see how he choses to handle this situation. We are not just talking DOING drugs here. We are talking SELLING.

Here are Roy's initial comments:

``I don't have enough information at this time,'' Williams said Wednesday. ``He has not played for me. He is not under my watch. I do have certain thoughts and feelings going through that are personal and will stay that way until I share them with his family.''