Friday, February 20, 2004

Daily Swarm

For those of you who missed Sportscenter today, you missed yet ANOTHER Isma'il showing in the Top10 POD. In fact - our man finished #1 AGAIN!!!! I think it is his 3rd #1 finish for the POD. He's been on the list about 6-7 times now. In fact Linda Cohn said "The top 10 wouldn't be complete without an Isma'il Muhammad siting". I love this game.......... The Technique has done a nice interview with C-Moore (click here). In fact, you might notice the author is, the fantastic GT sports photog................ has done a profile on black coaches with Paul Hewitt figuring prominently. In fact, it states pretty unequivacobly that he will NOT be leaving GT. Hewitt's own quote - ""It makes sense because I'm from New York, but it doesn't work for me now,'' Hewitt says of the rumors. "There was a time when I would have absolutely run to it. My situation here is very solid now. And if my situation at Georgia Tech stays the way it is, then you won't see me even thinking about going anywhere, regardless if it is St. John's or anywhere. "I got an outstanding athletic director and a good president. And we got too good of a recruiting class and too solid a program.''. Mr. Hewitt - thanks for saying it!! Thanks for your committment to GT. We look forward to many years of you roaming the sidelines, waving that finger. By the way, Hewitt must have the longest fingers in the history of coaching. But I digress.......... Bobby Cremins will be hosting the ACC Legends Brunch during the ACC tourney (story here)............... So what will UConn look like next year without Okafor and with Ed Nelson finally hitting the floor? Based on this story, Nelson will play the role of "enforcer" next year. I wish him the best - whatever.............. Lute Olsen said a mouthful when talking about the problems with kids going to the NBA early and why all the foreign players are having success - """Our kids are too involved with the dunk and trying to get on ESPN," he said. "There is a reason for all the foreign players in the NBA. It's fundamentals.". No doubt that fundamental basketball is what is lacking in high school and college. The foreign players learn the fundamentals early and if they are 6'10" at 15 years old, people don't tell them to stay in the lane and dunk the ball. The tell them to learn the outside game, learn how to dribble, learn pick-and-rolls, learn how to shoot a mid-range jumper. Not in the US. We tell kids to DUNK!! Go STRONG!!! AAU ball is the worst of all, encouraging kids away from team ball for the purpose of making yourself look good............. Here's some of the after-shocks in Twerp nation over the loss. These guys are right on top of the NCAA bubble and unless they make a run, there will be 6 in the dance and the twerps will be NIT bound............ The McDonalds All-America team was announced yesterday - I'll cover that in another post, but here is talking about the players leaving early and to get used to it!!............. Marvin Lewis gets another academic honor..........

Bryce Molder will be competing at the Rheem Classic in April (story here), along with Don Shula.