Friday, January 30, 2004

Will Bynum article from AZ paper

Interesting article - didn't know Will had some run-ins with the authorities. Yesterday on Hewitt's call-in show he said GT is just benefitting from Bynum's maturity and willingness to listen. I guess that statement could have had as much to do with activities OFF the court as on.

Either way, this is in the past. People grow, they mature. Bynum has shown us fire, passion and intensity........... and a knee-buckling cross-over. People deserve a 2nd chance and no doubt Paul Hewitt has shown the willingness to give people that chance. First there was the 2nd chance for Mike Southall, who blew that chance. There's Jeremis Smith, by all accounts an upstanding smart young man, who made an error in judgement last year. Hewitt has give him a 2nd chance and we will see him wear a Jacket uniform next year. Now here's Bynum, another guy given a 2nd chance to show what he can do.