Sunday, January 25, 2004

Final Poll Results

We asked "How many ACC teams will make the NCAA Tourney". Here is what you said:

6 teams - 47.5%

5 teams - 29.5%
7 teams - 11.5%
8 teams - 6.6%
4 teams - 4.9%

(61 total votes)

Honestly, I think 6-7 is the right answer, although the dog-eat-dog ACC schedule is starting to happen. GT beats MD/WF. MD beats UNC. WF beats UNC. FSU beats UNC/WF. UVA beats FSU. Clemson beats UVA. NC ST beats GT. Tell me this is not brutal. In fact if I put that into some type of top-to-bottom order, we have Clemson beats UVA who beats FSU who beats WF who beats UNC who beats GT who beats MD who beats UNC. I could go on. The only team not getting in on the losing action yet is Duke. About time someone stepped up to the plate.
The next poll is now up and running. Thanks to "sideways the dog" for the poll idea. If you have an poll idea and curious what your fellow fans think, just leave a comment. It could appear in a future poll.