Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Jackets look to get back in the win column

Look for the Jackets to win this game by about 15 points. At home, Clemson is just outmanned. Here is a report on Clemson from The State. Here is another look at the game, as well as mention that they might have Isma'il's cramping problems under control.

Did you know GT has one of the longest streaks in the nation hitting at least one 3pt shot per game. UNLV leads at 554, followed by Vanderbilt (547), Kentucky (523), Georgia Tech (520), Arkansas (503), Duke (495), Western Kentucky (495) and Princeton (478). UNLV, Vanderbilt and Princeton have made one in every game it has played since the 3-pointer was implemented in 1985-86.

Here's a general look at hoops so far. Also, looks like Hewitt is not the only coach fiddling with starting line-ups.