Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Recruiting Update - hoops

If you ask me, I don't know how UK can possibly sign Randolph Morris any longer. However the NCAA rules are so screwed up with the 5/8 thing that anything is possible, or there is probably some way around it. Anyhow, Kentucky recently received two more committments, one from Rajon Rondo, the other from Joe Crawford. Here is an article on Rondo.

Notice the quote at the bottom:
"Rondo is academically qualified to play as a freshman, Steve Smith said. His commitment means that all of UK's scholarships for next season are spoken for, but the Cats continue to pursue guard Joe Crawford and center Randolph Morris. "

Now since that article was written Crawford has ALSO committed. That means they have the following recruiting class - click here.

That is 4 players. Here is their class from 2003 - click here. Also 4 players. That means 8 in 5 years. In my mind the only way they can sign another player is if the NCAA actually reverses the 5/8 rule, which is a possibility.

I certainly don't know what Tubby Smith has up his sleeve, but I just don't see how they can sign Morris now. Clearly Tubby's #1 priority was NOT Morris of there would be a 'ship waiting for him. There will have to be some serious juggling now to make it happen. Anyone else have an idea?