Thursday, January 29, 2004

Poll Results on Marvin Lewis

Well the votes are in to the question "Should Marvin Lewis's jersey be retired". Here's how you answered:

70.9% - NO, super guy, but his play on the court was not enough
17.7% - YES, his academics + his play for 4 years is deserving
11.4% - MAYBE, that will depend on how he finishes this season
(79 total votes)

This was really a heart-wrencher for me, but I think the majority of people got this one right. Marvin has been a solid player for 4 years, a solid student and really is everything that a student-athlete is supposed to be. The guy has been on the dean's list every semester at GT. He has had some really standout performances at GT. He has been humble, a team player and has represented the school with honor.

He will end his career with over 1200 career points. Only 33 players in GT history had scored at least 1000 career points coming into the year. He is about 5th all-time in GT history for 3pt shots made, only trailing Scott, Akins, Best and Harpring. For 3pt shooting %, he is about 10th on GT's all-time list.

With all that, I would not complain one bit to see his name in the rafters, but I just don't think these are the total credentials to make it up there with Hammonds, Kaiser, Salley, Price, Harpring and Yunkus. Having said that, what will BE the future criteria to make this judgement? Do you have to have a degree (I hope so). The best players don't stay so their "careers" are no longer the 4 years like the past. They leave without degrees and without more than 1-2 years of contribution. The guys staying 4 years now are the guys in today's world who are not always good enough for the pro's. So here-in lies the delimma. Marvin Lewis playing for GT 10 years ago - no way they retire his number. Marvin Lewis in today's game, a 4 year starter, excelled on and off the court - a good case can be made.

Well the next poll is up and may be as controversial - "Who was the best Point Guard in GT History"? Don't think I left anyone significant out. Don't let number of years played factor into your answer. Let the debate rage.