Friday, January 30, 2004

Oh what a tangled web we weave....

.... lots of action on the ethics front tonight

University of Minnesota evidently likes to show recruits the local "talent"

You have probably already heard about Univ. of Colorado's sex parties for recruits - story here.

Meanwhile, our future ACC brothers VaTech seem to have gotten into some trouble of their own, particularly Marcus Vick, who could be headed to the big-house for statutory rape - ouch.

Did Tennessee conspire with the NCAA to bring down the Alabama football program? Check it out. Competition is hot. FSU launched an inquiry against rival Florida for recruiting violations but FL was cleared.

Texas State dismisses their head football coach, AD, and associate AD. Quotes claim that the most serious violation was exceeding the 20 hours of practice per week allowed under NCAA rules. Sorry, but BS on that. Something else is going on there that has not come to light. You don't fire all those people because you practiced too many hours.

Here is more on the whole issue of recruiting and walking the line. There's this - stories about coaches ranting on with explatives, or this - stories about fans using explatives. There is the Mike Price incident, the Baylor tragedy and scandal, the UGAg free basketball courses, the list goes on and on.

What is college athletics coming to? Bottom line - IT IS BUSINESS!!! It is ALL about the money. It is a system that generates cash for lots of people, and lots of people have a vested interest in seeing it continue to grow for their school. In the business world we have Enron, Xerox, Parmalat, Martha Stewart, Tyco, NYSE, Dick Grasso, the Mutual Fund Industry, WorldCom, HealthSouth, RiteAid, Adelphia, Imclone, Arther Anderson, Global Crossing, Dynegy, KMart............. shall I go on? It's all about the money, how much there is, where it goes. Have ethics disappeared? College athletics IS the business world. The NCAA tries to slap a coat of paint on it to make it look all pristine and pretty but it is a money grubbing business just like the rest of them.

I tell you what. I would love to see Georgia Tech win national championships in any sport. But if we have to break rules to do it, FORGET IT. I'll take a solid competitive program that competes at the top every few years with a clean record over being a perennial powerhouse that has come off probation for the 8th time. Did you know that Georgia Tech is one of the few schools in the nation (about 6 total I believe), that have NEVER been on probation in ANY sport? It's true. That does mean something and I think the quality of people we have leading our programs will just continue that tradition.

Morals and ethics need to mean something............... but don't get my wrong - if we don't win at least 7 games next year, I will be highly disappointed. :-)