Wednesday, January 21, 2004

New link added

(just realized there is an error with the URL on this new link. I will work on fixing it)
Just added a new link under "basketball extras" called "GT Stats". Shows how GT ranks nationally in a bunch or categories.

For example:
#3 in FG% defense
#5 in scoring margin
#15 in winning %
#18 in scoring offense
#25 in FG%
#29 in assists per game

Individually J.Jack is:
#10 in assists per game
#27 in steals per game

What worries me is
#189 in FT % (got to make the free ones)
#125 in TO's (did a good job last night but need to protect the ball more consistently)
#222 in fouls (just aggressive defense or is Hewitt right?)

Note that you can click on each stat and get the detailed list for that stat. If Isma'il met the minimum (5 made baskets per game) he would be in the top 10 for FG%.