Monday, January 19, 2004

Rumored changes with GT football

Football Scoop is reporting the following: Looks like Patrick Nix, the current QB coach, has been named the Offensive Coordinator. On the surface this seems like a solid move by Coach Gailey. Nix is a good QB coach and has a rep as a good recruiter. I like the move because maybe it will refine our passing game, which seems stale at times. No doubt PJ Daniels should still be the workhorse, but this should definitely help Reggie Ball and his development.

Also rumored is that Jay Omer is returning to GT as strength coach. Omer was Director of Player Development at GT from 1993-2000. He was named the Strength and Conditioning Professional Of the Year for the ACC in 1997. He is currently strength coach at BYU and here is an article about upgraded facilties at BYU. No doubt GT has some of the best facilities in the country so anyone stepping into that role has to be thrilled. Here is an article that actually credits Omer with at least one win a year for BYU.

From article:
11. You can credit strength and conditioning coach Jay Omer for at least one win per year.
The players and coaches know how lucky they are to have Omer on BYU’s coaching staff. He is the man they love to hate until they perform to their peak during games. It’s a testament to his effectiveness that defensive players would sooner run and participate in Mendenhall’s exhaustive drills than spend practices on the sidelines with Omer. The superior conditioning of BYU athletes will result in multiple turnovers that will win games this year and every year. Give Omer his due.

Here is an interview with BYU QB Brandon Doman where he mentions Omer:
But Coach Crowton showed up and that feeling started changing. We got this new strength coach from Georgia Tech [Jay Omer, BYU Strength and Conditioning Coach] that came in and all of a sudden it was this 'Do or Die,' but if you don't, not just you die but the whole team dies. Accountability. And living right and being a good student….

And yet another article giving Omer credit for the fitness of BYU athletes:
But, allowing for some poor competition, it's still valid to salute Crowton and his staff. They have invigorated and energized Provo, brought new camaraderie and enthusiasm. Being given a lot of credit is new strength coach Jay Omer, brought from Georgia Tech. BYU's guys are much stronger and fitter than before and it's showing up in far fewer injuries than in recent years.

Here's an interview with a former ECU player who was asked who his favorite coaches were:
8. Favorite coach?
“I had three at ECU: Strength coach Jay Omer, Steve Shankweiller, and Cary Godette. You hated them so much you had to love them.”

I think you get the point. If this rumor is true then sounds like 2 good moves by Chan Gailey.