Sunday, January 25, 2004

Recruiting Update - Kyle Belcher

It is official - we have a new kicker. Interesting, Kyle could actually end up being our kicker AND punter. Wouldn't that be something. Check out this blurb from the Hive. If you remember, we reported earlier that Kyle was a multi-sport talent, excelling in football, basketball and track. Seems like maybe he will have some of those Forrest Gump "magic legs", as he won state competitions in the long jump, triple jump and came in 2nd regionally in the high jump. Excels on the hardwood as well. As for his kicking, he has a very respectable 40.3 punting average. His FG kicking stats are decieving at only 10-18 made last season. However 5 of his misses were beyond 54 yards. That goes to show you what confidence the coach has in his leg, that he would even attempt that many from that distance.

One minor note - I didn't know we had a Physical Therapy major. Who knew?