Monday, January 19, 2004

RPI Rankings helped by UNC/UGA wins

Well, our RPI has shot up to #11. There are a number of factors that helped us last week:

1. Playing a tougher schedule. We lost to UNC, beat UVA and beat Maryland. This helped move our strength-of-schedule to #26 in the nation, much better than when it was hovering around 100.

2. UNC beats UConn. You say - how does this help us, when we play both teams and beat UConn ourselves? In my mind we want UNC to be as strong as possible because we play them twice. Now we need to beat them at our house.

3. UGAg beats KY - certainly helps us out with our double OT loss to them. Now we can only hope that UGAg doesn't have to have a dreaded rematch with Winthrop.

4. Maryland beats UNC and we beat Maryland. Like a string of dominos, they fall.