Thursday, January 29, 2004

Paul Hewitt on ESPN

Hewitt was interviewed at halftime of the Duke / FSU game from the ESPNZone in Atlanta. Here is what he had to say:

Opened by talking about the 2nd time a team can beat a #1 in the same season this year - 2nd opportunity.

Q: What is your demeanor and focus?
PH: keep it simple - focus on defense, move the ball in transition, get good shots, rebound

Q: Players similar size except Luke, does this present matchup problems for you?
PH: Hasn't been a problem matching up this year. We think our guys are quick and good defenders.

Q: Mentors you learned from
PH: Barton Reed HS coach biggest influence. He got me started in coaching. George Raveling has been a huge mentor also, giving me my biggest break at USC and continues to provide biggest support. Working hoops camps a great opportunity to meet people - coach Thompson at the Georgetown camp and the Providence camp as well.

Q: BJ Elder - what turned around his offense against Clemson as he was struggling?
PH: being more aggressive, more selfish which we need him to be. He had a game a week ago where he went 3-13 and I told him if he continued to be aggressive like that and get those types of shots, they would start to fall.

QRecruiting - only Bosh 1 year - how have you thrived with his loss
PH: We are in year #4 of our program - we have veterans, much like we had my first year where we went to the NCAA Tourney. But the guys are veterans, they understand the game, Jack, Lewis, Muhammad, make the difference.

Q: Focus of staff moving through ACC
PH: need to get better in halfcourt. Transition good, but boards weak last couple of games. We've gone back to basics doing some of the rebounding drills we did last October.

Q: How have you smoothly integrated W.Bynum into the program?
PH: I credit the players. J.Jack really made him feel at home and has pushed him to be more aggressive. Will knows that if his shot is not there, the players are backing him up. So I really have to credit the players, particularly J.Jack.