Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Recruiting Update - Randolph Morris

Well, a couple of weeks ago, the Fayettville online decided to stir things up and say that UNC was still in the running for Morris. They quoted Morris's head coach. Soon after, an article came out quoting Morris's dad saying it was either GT or KY - period. Forget UNC. Now that same paper is stirring it up again, this time saying that UGAg is back in the running strong. Once again, quotes only from Morris's head coach.

Yes, Dennis Felton is interested in Morris. Yes, he recruited him earlier. Yes, Felton saw him play last week in Greenville SC. Yes, Felton landed two highly ranked guards and Morris has said all along he wanted to play with strong guards. But no, I highly doubt Morris is going to UGAg. Take it with a huge grain of salt. Until you see quotes from Randolph himself, or his father, I wouldnt worry too much about what the Fayettville online has to say.

More than anything, I think this shows how loose-lipped Morris's head coach can be.