Friday, January 23, 2004

A Daily Dose

Well, well, well, the Richmond Spiders do it AGAIN!! The manage to knock off highly ranked Kansas. Anyone remember the year they knocked off GT TWICE, including in the NCAA tourney?. Here is a list of their biggest wins, including over GT.................. Well, the LadyJackets continue to lose, falling to UNC last night. They are now 10-8 (1-5 ACC).................. Here is a nice story from the Baltimore Sun about how the Jackets have finally passed a strong road test with their win over WF................. Here's a story on UGAg hoops and their first year coach................. On the recruiting trail, check out Texas star Austin Jackson, a 2-sport star that is interested in GT. He could be a 1st round MLB draft pick in 2005, was first team district selection in both hoops and baseball and the "newcomer of the year" in both sports. Sounds like GT is pursuing him to continue BOTH sports............ Hey Al Featherston, from the Herald-Sun, bite me. Here is his explanation of why Mark Price should NOT be on the ESPN Silver Anniversary All-ACC team. What confuses me is that he claims he was one of the SEVEN members who decided on the team. However, on ESPN they said it was a TEN member panel. What gives?............ Another writer gives Hewitt his vote for Coach-of-the-year......... Frank Burlison over at Fox Sports had some nice things to write about GT - "Do you know which team is back to playing top 5-caliber basketball?
None other than Georgia Tech, which was probably the best team in the country during it 12-0 start (including spankings of Connecticut and Texas Tech in New York City) but then dropped back-to-back decisions at Georgia and North Carolina. Since the 15-point loss in Chapel Hill, however, Paul Hewitt's team has ACC victories over Virginia, Maryland and Wake Forest (in Winston-Salem) by an average margin of 12 points."
................. Jeremis Smith and Dunbar crushed North Side 96-38 as Smith scored 21 points.............. Anthony Morrow dropped another 28 points as they won 95-61 (now 17-3).............

Remember the famous 1929 Rose Bowl with "wrong way" Riegels? He played for Cal and returned a fumble 64 yards leading to a safety and a GT 8-7 win. Well, we may have another wrong way on our hands - in hoops. This kid manages to dunk the ball in the wrong basket, tying the game and sending it to triple OT as the time ran out. Funny story - although this time he manages to atone for his error..................... Story on Brian Jean-Mary, our new linebacker's coach. Looks like he is happy to be at GT. Also notice Giff Smith, our new defensive line coach, is ALREADY on the road recruiting - a good sign, although it is certainly late in the process for a new assistant to get in tight with a recruit. Gailey is going with youth - a 28 year old and a 34 year old. Certainly could mean a good aggressive fresh approach. Could work well....................... More confirmation about the recent coaching changes. By the way, ignore the comment on QB Michael Fisher at the bottom. Fisher HAS committed to the Jackets but for baseball 100%. No football................. Looks like the academic standards will be changing in a couple of years. If a player leaves the school due to academic problems, you will NOT be able to replace that 'ship. Remember we had 10 last year during "flunkgate". I think about 3 of those guys will are back now. Probably a good move for GT to go ahead and take care of the issue when they did. But what does this mean? Probably means all those guys who want to study engineering, computer science, medicine, etc, will probably be even LESS likely to do so. The risk and penalties for the school will be higher if a players flunks out, so my guess is schools will pressure kids to take easier majors.