Friday, January 06, 2006

Where are they now - Chris Bosh

Now this is pretty funny. So the Toronto Raptors are playing the Orlando Magic (Dwight Howard & co.). Bosh gets 2 quick fouls and has to sit most of the half. He only had 2 pts and 1 rebound in the half and the Raptors managed to grow a 61-42 halftime lead with Bosh on the bench. Evidently Morris Peterson was giving Bosh some major hazing:

Peterson said the Raps began riding Bosh at the half when they led 61-42, jokingly suggesting that they don't need him any longer.

"We reminded him that when he left Georgia Tech, they went to the Final Four," Peterson said, laughing. "And when he was there, they were terrible."

That's pretty funny if you ask me. Not exactly true, but funny anyhow. The truth is that he was there as a freshman with a freshman starting point guard. What do you expect? You think a junior Jarrett Jack and a junior Chris Bosh team would have lost to UConn? No way.