Saturday, January 21, 2006

Hoops - I don't want to talk about it

I really don't want to talk about. The Jackets lose to Clemson AT HOME 72-63, as a result of an unbelievable 27 turnovers. Are you kidding me? We outrebounded Clemson 49-27, which just goes to show you that you have to protect the ball. Since I don't want to talk about it much, I'll just let you know what Coach Hewitt had to say:

On the fact that things were looking ok and it all unravelled:

Well, Clemson's effort was better than ours and turnovers played a huge part in determining the outcome of this game. 27 turnovers on our home floor is just inexcusable.

Does Clemson do something differently against the Jackets?
Well, they take a lot of chances. They get out in the passing lanes. There were times we didn't use the pass fake. Using the pass fake would have gotten them into the lane and we would have been able to go backdoor. But they got us a little edgy, we missed a couple of shots, and got a little more anxious instead of reading the defense accurately. We didn't make the right decisions.

On the fact that some turnovers were not forced
That's the whole thing. So many of them were unforced. We talked about their pressue coming into the game and we handled that really well. We got a couple of open three's, we got a dunk out of it. When we attacked their pressure, they sank back into a 2-3 zone, and we got very very predictable. They got in the passing lanes and just did not execute the pass well. We underthrew, overthrew it.

On the 5 point sequence with intentional foul and 3pt shot by Clemson
The young man Powell stepped up and made some big shots in the 1st half. He stretched our defense out a little bit. But again, it gets back to the 27 turnovers. They had 12, we had 27. You can't give another team 15 more possesions and expect to win the game.

How are you getting ready for Wednesday night?
Well, all we can do is practice. We have tomorrow off and we'll get back together on Monday and have a scout report ready for Maryland and go play.

It's been a tough week.
We were up and down and made some poor decisions out there like I said. Instead of pass faking and moving the ball to take advantage of an overplaying defense, we played right into their hands.

I will say one thing. Don't forget that this is the youngest team in the ACC BY FAR! By far. It's not even close. I'll put up some stats later to show you. Anyhow, life goes on. By the way, Thaddeus Young was at the game, as well as Nomar Garciaparra and wife Mia Hamm.