Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Recruiting Game

In case you are curious, Georgia Tech uses the following online service to track and communicate with recruits - The service gives the football staff an online site dedicated and hosted by that company for Georgia Tech. It gives them communication tools (email, text messaging, IM, chat, snail-mail, etc). The site tracks all GT recruits and tracks their surfing habits on the site to guage interest. They also handle direct mail campaigns, which is of course important to show recruits some love. They also provide recruiting consulting services. Here's a PDF brochure with more details.............. For the really geeky, Georgia Tech used to subscribe to a system called Cybersports.

Here's what David Wilson, our recruiting coordinator and likely soon to be departed special teams coach had to say about it (right from the website):

"Recruiting radar goes into an area of communication I have not seen or used before in college football recruiting. There is a distinct advantage to having all means of reaching a prospect in one system that is easy for any coach to use. After comparing to our former recruiting system, we determined that RecruitingRadar was the only technology that included everything, and was backed by a company whose direction aligns with where we want to take our recruiting strategies today, and in the future. It looks like these guys have gotten it right."

Too bad Wilson didn't get things right on the field, since it's no big secret that he's probably the first coach that will be looking for gainful employement. Here's the press release about Tech subscribing to the system, which has been around less than a year.

Now, here's what I find interesting. Check out the schools that subscribe to the service and I'll list them in the order in which they got on board:

Vanderbilt (3/2005)
Duke (3/2005)
Boston College (???)
Georgia Tech (7/2005)

Not exactly a list of football factories here. What you have is a list of schools known for the academics first then their athletics - a group probably always looking for that extra edge. Well, hopefully it helps. Based on this article, Tech pays somewhere between $2750 - $6500, although it doesn't say if that's yearly or monthly. I would naturally assume yearly.