Monday, January 09, 2006


Get this - Damarius Bilbo will be playing quarterback at the Hula Bowl.

"It feels great to get another shot at quarterback," Bilbo said. "Since the Hula Bowl game doesn't mean much, they're going to let me throw the ball around during practice and work at the position."

If quarterback switch doesn't work out, Bilbo will enter the NFL Draft as an athlete like former Arkansas quarterback Matt Jones.

"All I want is an opportunity to play quarterback," Bilbo said. "If it fails, I will play wide receiver, safety or wherever the teams want."

Even George O'Leary had this to say:

"We signed Bilbo as a quarterback," O'Leary said at Conference-USA media days. "I was disappointed Bilbo didn't finish his college career at quarterback. I wasn't surprised Bilbo made the switch because he's a first-class individual."

Now here's my take - D-Bo never gave up the dream of QB like the reports said. He never fully embraced being a wide receiver in his heart. What he embraced was doing what was best for the team - and that was becoming a wide receiver. This is why I have a tremendous amount of respect for D-Bo and Mansfield Wrotto. Team success came before individual success. Have to tip my hat to those guys.