Sunday, January 01, 2006

Hoops - Jackets take down Bethune-Cookman

It was the first game I didn't watch, listen or attend, and evidently it was one of the better outings, as the Jackets took down powerhouse Bethune-Cookman 73-46 with a 2nd half surge. Ok, not exactly a powerhouse, and things were close until the half, but A-Mo went off early in the 2nd half and they never looked back.

Mario West is going to miss 2-4 weeks with an injury to his foot. He missed the game.............. The good news is that Lewis Clinch was given clearance to get back in practice and the weight room early............... However, Jeremis Smith had to deal with back spasms, which is the primary reason his production was down.

Coach Hewitt seems to like the improvement defensively the team is making. I sure hope so, because they're gonna need it come ACC time. They way things have been looking, it appears as though this is going to be a long conference slate.

I saw this quote from Buck Fredrick, which kind of bothered me:

Sophomore point guard Zam Fredrick played well after scoring six points with eight turnovers against Air Force. He scored 12 points and had seven assists with six rebounds on Saturday.

"Seems like when I score early, I play better," Fredrick said. "I can't let that dictate how I play."

Yes, Buck has done the best job running the team, but he still needs to work on his passing, ball control and turnovers. He still looks like a Scoring Guard trying to play point. He leads the team in shots and while Morrow scored 20 points, Zam took more shots. Maybe Coach wants him to be aggressive with his shot, but it seems that until he takes on more of a PG mentality, he'll be up-and-down. But what do I know.