Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Bill Curry Hiring Tree

It is not wrong to say that the most important job of an Athletic Director is hiring. The AD that can hire the right people to run the various athletic programs is ultimately going to enjoy the most success. Now, I am still not convinced that Bill Curry is the right guy for the job. With that in mind, I'm curious about the "hiring tree" from Bill Curry's past. In theory, if he had a strong ability in hiring, it would show up with his "disciples" running programs of their own. I don't have the info, but I would appreciate your help in putting it together. So, who worked under Bill Curry that went on to a prominant coaching career with another program - then succeeded or failed? It doesn't really matter how long they worked for him. Just the fact that he hired them is what matters.

While we're at it - how about the hiring tree for Bobby Cremins. Some names that come to mind are Sherm Dillard who did not pan out at Jacksonville and was replaced by another GT guy - Dean Keener. Also, Perry Clark is another former Cremins assistant who went on to an unsuccesful coaching stint at Miami. In Coach Hewitt's short coaching career he already has 3 former assistants running their own programs, which is impressive. Of course their resumes as head coaches are just starting.

Help me out here and I'll post the results later.