Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hewitt Speaks on Braine

Coach Hewitt had this to say about Dave Braine:

A clause in Tech basketball coach Paul Hewitt's contract gives him 18 months after Braine's departure to leave for another job with no penalty. Hewitt said Braine first discussed his retirement plans with him two months ago.

"Everybody knows how I feel about Dave and how important he is to me," Hewitt said Wednesday. "I'm not doing anything drastic or rash. Working at Georgia Tech, you need somebody who understands the school and how things are academically. I just think a lot of my success comes from having an athletic director like him."

Added Hewitt: "I'm not the only reason we've won that number of games. He's a former coach who had a lot to do with my success."

So interpret it how you will. Coach Hewitt would be insane to leave prior to the arrival of next year's recruiting class. He'll have everyone back (sans Theo) with a top 5 class coming in and the NCAA finals in the ATL. Insane I tell you. He'd be insane!!