Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Football Recruiting

Evidently we've offered a kicker - Clay Baldwin. Also, it's not a done deal that Demaryius Thomas has switched his verbal to Steve Spurrier. Still could happen, but Thomas is still planning on signing with the Jackets for now............... In the "are you kidding me" file, check out why M.Richardson didn't commit to the Jackets:

Back before you committed to Notre Dame, there was speculation that you would be
giving Georgia Tech a verbal commitment. Is this true? "Yes sir, I was ready to call them and commit to Georgia Tech. I liked the school and I like Atlanta plus Calvin Johnson is my cousin and I would have a chance to play at least one year with him. It was falling into place for me."

What happened to change your mind? "Well, I looked at the situation of being so close to home. If something happened, I couldn't have a chance to learn from any mistake on my own. I would have someone so close that they would be there so quick. I would never have the chance to learn on my own and become a mature, grown man on my own. There's nothing wrong with having family close to help you, in fact it's great but there is something special about making your own decisions and working out problems for yourself. Still, if things get too tough, Atlanta still isn't
that far from Notre Dame."

My loyal readers have spoken and properly reprimanded me for this post. I basically questioned Mo's thought process and used Tashard Choice's decision to come back home as a reason to suggest leaving to "be on your own" is not a great reason. They are right - I am wrong - these kids need to decide their own destiny and going away to school is just as honorable as staying home. To each his own.
To my readers - thanks for keeping me on the straight and narrow. And to Mo Richardson - all the best to you at Notre Dame. We'll see you real quick when we clash to start the 2006 season.