Thursday, January 12, 2006

Harsh but true

Rough article from a Jacket perspective, but the logic is sound:

Georgia Tech beat Auburn and Miami on the road with awesome defense and Calvin Johnson's playmaking. Had Chan Gailey's team played well, there's no way Utah could have competed with them for 60 minutes. But since Kyle Whittingham's Utes played their tails off, while Tech had the stupidity and ungraciousness to publicly state just how much they didn't want to be in San Francisco, the boys from the Mountain West played great, had a fun time, won an Emerald Bowl championship, and built momentum for their season. Tech, on the other hand, gave the ACC--along with Miami--a really big black eye. Hmmmmm... if I had a choice, I'd rather win the Emerald Bowl, stand up for my conference, and smile at the end of a game, rather than go through the motions and embarrass myself and my school. But apparently, some players and teams would rather sulk for a whole month and get blown out in a bowl game. Hopefully, those who didn't cherish their bowl game experiences this year will feel differently the next time around.