Monday, January 16, 2006

AD Search - Steve Orsini

UCF AD Steve Orsini apparently has not been contacted about the Georgia Tech AD job and he has supposedly not made an inquiry either. Check it out. While I think Orsini could probably do an outstanding job for Georgia Tech, personally I don't want another guy who's dream job is Notre Dame (he's an Irish alum).

Personally, I want a "Tech man". Now that doesn't mean that he/she has a Tech degree, but that Tech is where their #1 allegiance is too. For example, Bobby Cremins' name has been kicked around as well. While he would be a great face for the school (much like Curry), his administrative skills would have to be seriously questioned. Cremins has even said if he was contacted about the job he would love to do it but would need a good "right-hand man". I see Cremins' #1 allengiance being Georgia Tech, since of course he could probably never go back to SC anyhow after the coaching debacle.