Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Football - Two Coaches Resign

As expected, special teams coach and recruiting coordinator David Wilson has "resigned". He has indicated he will leave coaching and work for a charitable organization. In addition, Tight End Coach Tommie Robinson has "resigned" as well. Robinson and Wilson had both been on the staff for 4 years, and Robinson actually played for Gailey at Troy State during their national championship season.

The big question is not about who is departing, but how the assistant coaching jobs will be filled. Let's think about this - special teams was terrible this season and recruiting cannot be labeled an "A" at this point, so letting go of the specials teams coach and recruiting coordinator makes some sense. But what's with the Tight Ends coach? It was certainly a very under-utilized portion of the offense. Maybe the TE development has been too slow and that's way. Maybe this actually makes room for some other coaching moves within the staff. Giff Smith or Patrick Nix would be likely candidates for the recruiting coordinator job in my opinion. Smith did the job for three years at Tulane. Both do a good job in that area and Nix probably wouldn't mind beefing up his resume so he can get a dream job at his alma mater Auburn.

Maybe eliminating a TE coaching job allows Coach Gailey to bring in someone at a "higher" most impactful role on the staff. Maybe we bring in an offensive coordinator finally. Maybe this makes room for Nix to do something else. Maybe not. Maybe we bring in a talented QB coach. Maybe not. Maybe Buddy Geis takes over the QB's since he's had experience there in the past.

Here's a name you might be seeing soon.......... again.

Should be interesting to see how this plays out. The bottom-line is that for many Tech fans, some new blood provides hope for change, particularly around the offense. These announcements were certainly not the "blood-letting" that some would have preferred, but again, let's see what happens now.......