Sunday, January 15, 2006

The AD Search

Well, evidently there will be no shortage of highly qualified candidates for the Georgia Tech AD job. People are coming out of the woodworks - people who have not even been contacted - like Miami baseball head coach Jim Morris. Furman Bisher has an interesting article on the requirements of the job and how it's changed......... Well, Prez Clough has gotten serious about figuring out which candidates are the real deal, and to make sure that all CYA aspects of the situation are covered, they've enlisted the help of a consulting firm to find the new AD. The way I see it Bill Curry is still the strongest front-runner hands down. There are certainly better administrators but we won't find a better "face" for Georgia Tech. I agree with Furman - bring in a great administrator as Curry's tag-team partner and you'll have a winning situation.