Thursday, December 09, 2004

where are they now - John Salley

I'll tell you where he is GOING to be - at the next Georgia Tech graduation ceremony, as a featured commencement speaker - link here. I have to tell you, Olan Mills did a great job on that photo in the article....... Man, you read through that article and the list of everything John Salley is involved with and I say to myself - this guy is the real deal. He is businessman supreme, not just some talking head jock. Good for him!!!

Robert Brooks and Clarence Moore will be graduating in that ceremony, just for your info. Of course Marvin Lewis and David Nelson graduated in the spring. What this means is that when you start hearing all that crap about graduation rates under the HEWITT era, you're going to see some great numbers. And of course the NCAA has changed the measurement system as well, but bottom-line - things are getting done the right way.