Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Barry Family Looking for XMas Miracle

Picture from AJC (Billy Smith II / Staff)

This is a MUST-READ story on the Barry family, and the struggles of Drew and a daughter with cancer. It chronicles the Barry family and the 4 son's struggle into adulthood after their father deserted them. It really puts things in perspective about what's important during the holiday season. Complaining about how well a QB plays seems so trivial and petty after reading this. SO READ IT!!! In fact, I'm going to keep it at the top through the rest of the year as a reminder to spend some time with your families, hug them and quit complaining!! That goes for me too.

"For little children to be sick, it just isn't fair," Drew said. "As for a prognosis, we have to look at it like, 'OK, it could be worse.' Better to be 'fair' than 'poor' or 'terminal.' We know the battle we're in for." Kylie has just finished her third round of chemotherapy, complete with the aftereffects of nausea and hair loss. With the new year, doctors are hoping the tumor has been reduced enough to make surgical removal possible. There will follow more chemo, radiation and stem cell infusion. Anything to maybe tip unfavorable odds (a 40 percent survival rate).

"We used to be able to kiss it and make everything go away," Raquel Barry said, "but the hard part is we can't do that now."