Friday, December 31, 2004

Hoops Notes

A complete release for the Kansas game with stats and commentary galore. This was the most interesting comment imo:

On Tech's defense - "I decide if a kid can play a position if he can guard the position. Right now, Theodis Tarver can play the four, because he can guard a four, especially a four in the ACC. Isma'il Muhammad can play the three, because he can guard a one, two or three. That's the hardest thing to decide. A lot of people think you can play a spot because you can score from that spot."
"This team is very gifted athletically, we know that. But the reason I think we can bebetter defensively than we ever have been is experience. We’re athletic and experiences, and then you add freshmen who are physically better than what we had in the past.

On who has made the most improvement defensively - "I would day Will Bynum.
Last year there were times I felt I couldn't keep him in the game if he wasn't scoring. Now I feel very comfortable with him. Against Illinois-Chicago, he didn't score, but he did some very good things defensively and I felt comfortable leaving him out there. Against Michigan, he scored, and he defended. He was great. It was probably the best defensive effort he has had."