Friday, December 10, 2004

The Ultimate Gym Rat - Jarrett Jack

A MUST-READ on Jarrett Jack. There is just so much to pick one quote. Just read the whole thing - NOW:

" I've been around a lot of guys who put in the physical work," Hewitt said. "But what separates Jarrett is he puts in the mental work. I'm talking about things like filmwork. He watches more film that any player I've been around. He's almost like a Peyton Manning, breaking things down and trying to see how he can get better."

Already, there's plenty of speculation that this will be Jack's final season at Georgia Tech. He shrugs off talk of the NBA, saying he won't even consider it until the season is over.

As he told his mother: "We didn't win the championship last year. I'm focused on that and focused on making the dean's list. If anything else comes up, I'll talk with you and dad about it."

Jack has revived Georgia Tech's tradition of outstanding point guards, a lineage that includes Mark Price, Kenny Anderson, Travis Best and Stephon Marbury. In fact, Jack wears No. 3 in honor of Marbury, his favorite player.

"A lot of people say the only reason I came to Georgia Tech is because I wanted to be like Stephon, blah, blah, blah," Jack said. "I didn't come here to be the next Stephon Marbury. That's not realistic. We have different styles, different coaches. It's nice to have a tradition, but I wanted to come in here and make my own mark."