Wednesday, December 15, 2004

This settles it, Tenuta would be nuts to leave....

Read this article and tell me that Jon Tenuta's "stock" as a potential head coach couldn't skyrocket after next season. Folks, not only are we only losing 1 starter on defense, there are some scary good guys in the wings that we have not seen yet. And this article officially confirms that Eric Henderson will return for his senior season. He also admits that he has been hurt all year and not 100%.

"You want to leave on top," Henderson said. "I feel if I haven't done what I want to do here at Tech, it makes no sense to leave. Why vanish when you can enjoy your experience here? I'm making the right decision, no question."

Don't forget that this season Henderson was out the first 3 games and that we had 3 new linebackers learning the position. This team really believes they will have the best defense in the country next year.

Henderson says there will be no weakness on the 2005 defense.

"I think we are the best defense in the country," Henderson said. "We're so solid, it's sort of scary. We've got linebackers that are great, linebackers that you haven't even seen yet who are awesome. We have depth on the defensive line. You can go on for days.

"We are all hard workers, and we're not going to stop until we accomplish what we want to accomplish."

Here's the truth - if we can solidify the offensive line (losing 3 starters) and get some consistent QB play - holy cow - we WILL ascend higher in the ACC race - there is no doubt. These are big "if's", but the pieces are in place on defense.