Friday, December 10, 2004

Football Notes

Hammering Trev Alberts and more Big East complaining:

The comment I'll never forget came from Trev Alberts, he of all talk and no substance.

"West Virginia just lost to a middle of the pack, at best, ACC team, and they're the best in the Big East? Please. The Big East does not deserve a BCS berth. This league is horrible."

While you digest that for a minute, I want to bring up a comment from the same guy a mere two weeks later, following a Thursday night game between Georgia Tech and the same Virginia Tech squad: "Georgia Tech can rebound after losing to a great Virginia Tech team..."

You think these flapping yappers don't have an effect on the polls? WVU took an 11 place plummet in one poll and dropped 12 spots in the other after the Tech game. Meanwhile, when Miami lost to North Carolina, they dropped four spots, and ended up back in the top ten two weeks later. When Wisconsin, ranked number four, got pasted by Michigan State, the same Michigan State team that lost to RUTGERS, they didn't even drop out of the top 10.

A look at Frank Howard of Clemson and a Bobby Dodd mention:

"It was time for a change" at head coach, Bill McLellan said. "Why people were surprised is that it was something new for Clemson."

McLellan played for Howard in the 1950s, served on his coaching staff and succeeded him as athletics director.

"I was surprised," says Whitey Jordan, who also played and coached under Howard. "In those days, coaches such as Frank Howard, Wally Butts (Georgia) and Bobby Dodd (Georgia Tech) were fixtures, and anytime any of them went, it was a surprise.

Remember Michael Smith? He backed up William Bell at Running back during our 1990 National Championship season. Where is he now? He's the head coach at Pensacola Catholic in South Florida......